How Winzap works
Welcome to Winzap, the place you win FREE cash for playing your favourite sport and casino games. Too good to be true, it isn’t! We have given away £10,000’s in cash and have been featured in national newspapers! It’s pretty simple, Winzap is funded through adverts which pays for the prizes, so you don’t have to.
100% ad free
I’m sure you’re thinking to yourself how can we give away money for free? The ads, offers and video ads dotted around our site fund the prize pot, meaning you NEVER have to pay to play. And it will always be this way. Whether it’s our daily raffle, football competition, roulette or blackjack competition. Our prizes are fully funded by advertisements.
Is this even legit?
Sound too good to be true? We’ve given away tens of thousands of pounds to our winners since we launched last Christmas. We’ve also been featured in national newspapers for example the Daily Express. The prize pot is purely funded by advertisements. We have a long list of reviews based form our winners on the App Store and Google Play store.
What if I win?
Whether it’s the Football, Roulette or Blackjack competitions. You’ll be able to see what position you place on the leaderboard. We get in touch with you directly in regards to your position. If you reply back, we then transfer the winnings directly into your bank (or PayPal). If you win the raffle, it’s up to you to double check your tickets and respond to our message to claim your raffle win!
The Winzap Raffle

Welcome to the Winzap Raffle, our most recent feature which we’ve introduced to the platform and applied our concept to.

  • Simply enter the Raffle and receive your ticket.
  • A ticket is picked at random each day.
  • Every day you return consecutively builds up your ‘Winzap Streak’.
  • Return 3 days in row and receive 3 tickets. We reward loyalty, the more you play, the better chance you have of winning.
  • You must return before the following draw to redeem your prize, or it will be rolled over.
The Football Zone

Welcome to the Football Zone, here you’ve the opportunity to bet… but for free. Literally we’re the only FREE betting platform which allows you to undergo the same excitement as you would with normal football betting, but without even denting your bank account.

  • We give you 30 credits every competition
  • Make your selections (singles, doubles, accumulators) and place your stake (max 10 credits)
  • If you finish in the top 5 once all games have finished, you win a cash prize.
  • Credits refresh after each competition and you start again.

This is only a brief how to play of the football, click the link below to find out more from Seb our Tipster on how to become a Winzap Football Champion.

The Winzap Casino

Welcome to the Winzap Casino, our most recent and proud additions to Winzap. Something which we’re extremely excited to progress with going forward. We’ve applied our leaderboard concept to currently 2 simple casino games. Blackjack and Roulette. For each game the same rules apply:

  • We give you 3000 credits every day
  • Your aim is to win as many credits before 9pm.
  • If you top the leaderboard, you win the prize!
  • Your Credits refresh after 9pm and you can start again.
Need some help?
We’re extremely personable here at Winzap, so if you’ve any questions regarding the ruler or games your answer maybe found within our FAQ’s page.
If you’re still unsure, hit one of the team up in the chat box in the bottom right or drop us an email.