Football Zone
The football zone is an exact replica of a football betting system, but with our twist. We give you 30 credits to Zap with for every competition, with a max of 10 credits per Zap you make accumulators. If your Zaps come in, your score gets put onto the leaderboard. Finish within the top 5 you receive the cash prize! Everyone’s credits then get refreshed back to 30 for the next competition.
Roulette Table
Completely free to play and a chance to win daily cash! We give you 3000 credits every day, you use these credits to spin with at the table. When you get net winnings, you get onto the leaderboard. If you finish in the top 10 by 9pm that day, you receive the relative cash prize! Then the leaderboard and credits get reset the next day and you compete again.
Blackjack Table
The same applies to the Blackjack table. We give away daily cash prizes on this leaderboard if you finish within a cash winning position. We give you 3000 credits, your aim is to get net winnings to get onto the leaderboard. At 9pm the leaderboard closes, the winners get their cash and everyone’s credits get reset so you can compete again with a fresh 3000 credits!
The Winzap Raffle
Just like any other raffle you win the cash jackpot if your ticket is picked. But with ours, you enter for FREE. Every day you login to get your ticket which is emailed to you. at 7:30pm every day the winning ticket gets drawn. Which ever lucky user this is receives the cash prize! At 9pm the ballet resets and you can enter for the next draw!
How do I win?
We have a number of cool features on our platform for you to be able to win free cash. Whether you top the football leaderboard or come out winner on our Roulette and Blackjack leaderboards. You will be transferred that free cash in no time!
What’s the catch?
There literally is no catch! You will never put a penny into Winzap on whatever feature you’re using. Our prizes are purely funded by the advertisements you see dotted around the site. Just like Youtube or TV shows.
What if I win?
Whether you’re placing Zaps on the football or climbing the table on the Roulette or Blackjack and finish in a cash winning position. We will always pay you out. We either do a secure bank transfer or Paypal across your winnings!
100% Ad Funded
The prize pool for each feature on Winzap is funded by advertisements. You will see the odd banner dotted around each page of site. Or if you’re using our app you will watch a short video ad when playing.
We never ask you for your card details, only when you win!

Allows you the excitement of winning money from betting, without the fear or stress of being out of packet should it go wrong! Really glad I started using it for a bit of fun, and now it’s my preferred and only way of betting on the football markets. Couldn’t recommend enough!!

Luke100wFootball Winner

Fantastic app! I was hesitant when I first heard about an app that lets you in real money from free bets. But now I don’t think I’ll ever go back to any other betting app! Brilliant idea and executed very well! App looks great and it regularly updated.

RyezorFootball Winner

Won £100 on my first week of playing on the Roulette table. You don’t have to put any bank details in, unless you win. Got an email an hour after I won. Money was in my account 2 days later. Great fun. Even better when you win.

Bongo Jake84Roulette Winner

I couldn’t believe it so I had to give the app a go. I won £70 and I was worried the money was not going to come through but after the weekend it came straight in! The app is brilliant! A safe way of getting into betting especially for beginners.

David DonkinFootball Winner

I have won twice with this app without spending any of my money, would really recommend. Any money won is always in my account promptly after the weekend, probably my favourite app.

Connerd309Blackjack Winner
Welcome to Winzap, a free to play gaming platform that allows you to win cash (for free) on a daily basis. We want to provide people with an alternative to gambling, an opportunity for everyone to be able to enjoy the excitement and buzz you get with gambling, but without the monetary loss. We fund our prizes on purely advertisement revenue, we will never ask you for a penny. We only ask for your card details once you’ve won.
Max and Jonny
The Founders
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Winzap is across all platforms, desktop, Android and iOS!!
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